Beauty And Household Uses Of Aspirin

Aspirin as we all know is great for headaches and body aches but do you know about its uses for beauty treatments and other household uses.

Well here are few of them which you can easily try at home….

Clears Acne– Crush an aspirin tablet and mix with a teaspoon of water, stir well into a fine paste and apply this mixture to the affected area. Let it dry and rinse off with water. If you want to try a aspirin mask then mix it with aloe vera gel, yogurt or honey instead of water to make the paste. Apply it all over and wash off after few minutes for a radiant skin.

Acts as a toner– Since it has anti inflammatory properties, it acts as an excellent toner for the skin. Mix apple cider vinegar and water in equal proportions and fill them in a bottle. Now drop few aspirin tablets in this mixture and shake well. Your toner is ready to be used.

Helps clear out dandruff– For this one mix powder of 2 aspirin tablets in your shampoo mix and wash your hair with this mix. It will not only help eliminate dandruff but will also help in getting relief from itchy scalp. You will see the results after few washes.

Great Stain Removal– The salicylic acid in aspirin helps in removing stains from clothes. Make a mixture of half cup of warm water and 3 aspirin, mix well. Now dip the stained area in this mixture and let it sit for few hours. Then wash off normally. The stain will be gone.

For growth of plantsUse of aspirin for plants protects them from formation of fungus and helps them grow better. Dissolve one aspirin into a gallon of water and spry this mixture to your plants. You can also use this mixture to keep the cut flowers fresh for long. Fill a vase with this water and keep the flowers into this for a prolonged life.


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