Knowing Your Choker Style

Chokers are the latest trend which everyone is following. From celeb to street style we can see it everywhere now.

We have listed few styles here…..

– The simple tie up style in thin stripes of ribbon or leather is the most usual of the choker styles in fashion today. They can be simply wrapped around the neck once or twice, leaving both the loose ends at the front and giving a final knot there. The ends can be simple or can have any fancy object like stones or pearls for a fancy look.

– The simple insert ones are like the above ones, but is generally worked with two strings at a time, so that the one end acts as a loop for the other end to insert into it.

– This one has fastening at the back to fasten or close the choker but looks like a wrap around from the front. It comes in a single middle extension or is also done in multiple layers to give a look of multiple neck piece at the center. The basic design element are the two stripes which freely fall on both the sides.

– Now whereas the above one only looks like a wrap around but isn’t one, this one is actually a wrap around which can be casually taken around the neck like a scarf.

– You can also take the wrap around in this style, where the front ends can be tied up in a knot at the center. This way the long loose ends will have a new style of a bow at the front.

– The ribbons make a perfect choker base, they can be in velvet or a shiny satin material. Small jewelry pieces in brass or crystals added to the center look more interesting.

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