6 Indian Jewelry Pieces Which Every Girl Should Have

We have a rich textile and jewelry past. In ancient India wearing good jewelry was considered a part of their status and you could tell the person’s financial status by looking at their jewelry.

Now off course we cannot wear so much but owning few traditional pieces is a great idea, and you can wear them for festive and other occasions.

Here are few jewelry pieces which you would love to wear….

Kamar Challa-Earlier this beautiful piece of jewelry was used by every well to do women. But now we hardly see it being used.

Earlier it was done in gold and silver but now many variations of the same are available. Worn on the waist area you can easily use it to highlight your waistline while wearing a saree.

Kamar bandh– An exaggerated version of Challa, it is done in multi layers and is even found in a single string style. It is available in different styles and materials like the single string chain style for the ones who want to keep it simple, and the other heavier ones with stones, crystals and tassels.

Saree brooch-This very useful and elegant jewelry piece known as a saree brooch makes simplest of the saree’s look gorgeous and stylish. They come in different patterns and design from simple to chunky ones. It is basically worn over the shoulder area and helps to keep the saree pleats at place and neatly tied.

Saree Pin-Unlike saree brooches they are more simple and can be used to set the saree palla or the pleats. Its a simple design and great for those who find saree brooches too much.

Baajubandh– Wear it on important occasions and it will add up to your grace. Different states have their own version of this jewelry. In Rajasthan it is done in a broader way and in south India intricate design are a part of it.

Joora Pins-An idle ethnic piece to ornate your hair for traditional wear. When you want to do a traditional joora hairdo use this pin and it will look like million bucks.

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