Bounce Back After Pregnancy With Breast Augmentation

Bounce Back After Pregnancy With Breast Augmentation

Having children is one of the most rewarding experiences life can offer us. For moms everywhere, the path is filled with joys, expectations, and maybe a few adjustments as we learn what life looks like from a caretaker lens. While many mothers would like to get their pre-baby body back in shape, the added challenge of taking care of infants and other obligations may make it hard to do so.

Why did my breasts shrink after pregnancy?

Your body has gone through some major changes in recent months, and as you adjust to your new normal, it may surprise you that your breasts have actually shrunk in size. Many women experience breast deflation after pregnancy, and they yearn to have the same full, developed look that they had prior to getting pregnant. Read on to see why this change occurs, and how a breast augmentation may be ideal for you as you reclaim that amazing body back once more.

Growth during milk production

Your breasts are likely to increase significantly in size during pregnancy; your milk ducts are maturing and filling up with milk. While you nurse postpartum, your breasts will remain full, but as you stop nursing, your milk production cells will shrink as new fatty tissue is constructed. This fatty tissue may not be the same volume or shape as your former breast tissue, so it’s common to see changes in both size and appearance after you stop nursing.

A deflated appearance

Many women report that their breasts now look empty and deflated; rapid growth of breast tissue during pregnancy can stretch the skin, making it soggy and weak. Over time, the natural progression of the aging process and gravity take their toll on your breasts, causing an undesirable, saggy appearance.

Reclaim that youthful appearance with augmentation surgery

As a mother, you deserve to look and feel great in your own skin. A breast augmentation is an option for those seeking to reclaim a more youthful, voluptuous appearance. Satisfied moms across the globe cite the benefits of augmentation after pregnancy, including:

  1. Dealing with asymmetry

All women have some degree of asymmetry in their breasts,and some are so noticeable that they stand out even when wearing clothing. A breast augmentation is an excellent way to restore balance and naturally even out breast tissue. With your ability to customize your post-surgery look, you’ll regain confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best.

  1. Restoring damaged and compromised tissue

Pregnancy takes a toll on everybody to some degree. Augmentation deals with the issue of sagging and decreased volume, helping to lift and restore damaged tissues incurred from nursing. Your surgeon will lift and position breast tissue back into a natural, youthful position, taking pressure off surrounding bone and muscle structures as your natural physiology is restored once more.

  1. Increasing both size and volume

The most common reason women come in for breast augmentation is to increase the size of their breasts. Pleasing breasts play a large role in a woman’s self confidence and sens of self, and this can help a mother to fulfill her roles of mother, head of house, and even professional individual more effectively.

  1. Updating your look

Cosmetic augmentation is not just for women in their twenties; women from all walks of life and all ages are coming in to look great and feel better about themselves. Women in their 30s and beyond can all enjoy the physical and emotional transformation that comes with a successful augmentation procedure.

  1. Boosting confidence

Augmentation has a powerful effect on self-esteem and a woman’s outlook on life in general. Many women see significant changes in the way they interact with others at home, in the workplace, and even in the bedroom as a result of this increased self-confidence.

  1. Motivating women to stay in shape

A sense of newfound confidence from breast augmentation produces dramatic changes across all areas of life. Many cite an increased motivation and desire to get in shape and stay in shape so they can flaunt a newly balanced, more pleasing figure.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

If you are considering breast augmentation, talk to a qualified plastic surgeon about the procedure to determine if it’s right for you. Make sure that you meet these requirements prior to scheduling your surgery date:

  • You must be in good physical health
  • You must have breast tissue that is sagging, flattened, asymmetrical, or lacking in volume
  • You must refrain from smoking
  • You must limit alcohol consumption
  • You must have realistic expectations about what this surgery can do for you
  • You must be able to allow for proper recovery with support
  • You must be done breastfeeding/nursing

Setting a consultation with your primary care provider and a board-certified plastic surgeon will be essential to determine if you are a good candidate for this type of procedure.

Preparing for surgery

Once you’ve checked off all the requirements, it’s important to follow your doctor or surgeon’s protocol as you prepare for your procedure. Eat healthy nutritious foods, do what you can to get adquate sleep, increase your water intake, and stop taking any medications prior to surgery that may interfere with your procedure or recovery process. The more efficiently you can prepare prior to your procedure, the more likely that your recovery process will go smoothly.

You deserve to look and feel your best, no matter what life’s demands are throwing at you. Being at the top of your game involves committing to self-care as well, and a breast augmentation can help you uncover your physical, mental, and emotional potential. Make your appointment today, and see how your life could be significantly and positively impacted through augmentation.

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