Priyanka Chopra visits her newly open restaurant in New York

Priyanka Chopra Visits Her Newly Open Restaurant ‘Sona’ In New York

Priyanka Chopra recently visited her newly open restaurant Sona. The Indian restaurant which is in the heart of New York opened in March, and focuses on authentic Indian cuisine and recipes.

“I cannot believe I’m finally at @sonanewyork and seeing our labour of love after 3 years of planning. My heart is so full to go into the kitchen and meet the team that makes @sonanewyork such a wholesome experience. From my namesake private dining room, Mimi’s, to the gorgeous interiors, the stunning art by Indian artists (for sale) and the yummy food and drinks, the Sona experience is so unique and a part of my heart in the heart of New York City” she captioned.

In the pics we can see Priyanka enjoying Gol Gappa or the Puchka along with a few friends.

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