How To Wear Your Dupatta Today

A dupatta is a basic accessory in Indian Fashion attires like suits and lehangas. It is one of the simplest silhouette, but can totally change the look of any garment as it can be graceful and sexy all at the same time.
But one has to take it nicely after considering the design pattern and the fabric of the garment and the dupatta. For this you should also know the different styles to take a dupatta. You can change the look of your garment completely every time by changing the drape of it.


This dupatta needs to be a little longer than usual if you wish to drape it in this style. It is similar to a saree pallu drape.

Normal Side drape, dupatta loosely pinned at shoulders and falls on one side. Or you can also pleat the width of the dupatta and pin it to the shoulders.

The Front Neck Drape, one can just gather the entire width around the neck and in the other style you can leave it open hanging from one shoulder to the other.

Just around the arms like a stole

One side loose at the shoulders and draped at other side on arms or can be pleated at one shoulder too.

Pleated at one shoulder at front and loose at the other side, this can be really useful if your dupatta has certain design which should be shown off.

Pleated at one shoulder and draped at other hand

The saree style drape, pleat it at one shoulder and tuck the other end at the back waist or bring it at front to create a saree palla effect

The traditional seedha palla style

The double dupatta style, mostly used by brides. It can be taken in many ways like seedha palla and the head dupatta combo.

The Criss Cross pattern in which both the duppatas are draped in seedha and the ulta palla style

The cross pattern for one dupatta and the other one is draped loosely over head

The front round drape and the other dupatta covering the head

The simple around the head style

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