6 Ways To Wear Tights In Winter

Since it’s winters this is the perfect time to wear tights to keep your legs warm and happy.

Tights are one of the sexiest accessory for winters and can be worn with almost anything and everything.

It is an essential winter stuff which every fashionista should have in their wardrobe.

Here are few ways how you can wear them for winters…

– Wear tights with thigh length tops or long Kurtis, this is an excellent way to use some of your spring clothes in winters. Style it with a thin belt at the waist and pair it with a long cardigan. Complete the look with a pair of boots.

– A short length dress which you thought will have to be dumped during winters, is great to be worn with tights for a warm winter afternoon. You can wear it with or without a belt and a contrast cardigan will do great with it. Throw a knitted scarf around the neck and complete the look with a pair of nice shoes. You can also pick oxford shoes for this look. Tights in polka dot texture would be great for a feminine look like this.

– Oversized knit pullover goes best with a sexy pair of tights. Long boots would be perfect for this dress, also do not forget to accessorize by adding a contrast or tonal and textured scarf.

– And it is not just for the shorter length garments infact you can also wear them with long formal skirts.

– In winters you can easily play with lots of layering just like this picture. A simple T shirt is worn with a warm sweater and a knitted scarf around the neck. Pair it with matching tights and boots.

– Your little black dress can be worn with a structured jacket, a pair of tights and boots in winters.

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