4 Out Of The Box Kurta Design Details To Try Next Time

Are you bored of wearing the same straight or anarkali kurta‘s again and again. Do you think that adding a bit of fusion touch would bring a new life to your traditional wear. Well if yes, and if you are looking for a change and wish to experiment with different and out of the box silhouettes, then our this article is for you. Have a look……

Handkerchief drape– If you like asymmetric drapes then go for a handkerchief drape done on one side of the kurta. Use a drapable fabric like silk or georgette to create an effect like this. A printed fabric would look great to create a striking effect.

Cowl drape– Front cowl drape is an another effect which can be used to create a stylish kurta. Pair it with bellbottoms and accessorize the look with a belt at the waist. You can go for a cowl neckline or even the entire front part can be done in this style.

Cape style sleeves– Cape style sleeves on one side would create a nice effect on plain kurtas. The cape drape would look best when done on one side of the kurta, while leaving the other side with the regular full sleeves. You can also go with a sleeveless cut on the other side rather than using a regular sleeve.

Side cowls– A one-shoulder kurta with an asymmetric side cowl details is something you should definitely try with a plain fabric set. If you think that the set is too plain then accessorize your look with a bold neckpiece.

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