4 Ways To Look Sassy In A Bridal Velvet Dupatta

Velvet is a true winter fabric….it has a nice sheen which makes it a perfect choice for bridal wear. Also a few velvet fabrics are super drapable and are therefore used for making heavy bridal dupatta’s. They look simply amazing, and also help the bride feel cosy and warm during winters. These are a few simple ways to flaunt a bridal velvet dupatta in winters…

Seedha palla style– You can take the velvet palla in seedha palla style. Pleat and pin the dupatta on one side of your shoulder. Now take the front corner and pin it at the back on the opposite side, while spreading the dupatta at the front.

The belted style– This looks like a one sided cape which flows freely on over one shoulder. The belt holds the dupatta at the waist and the other ends can be draped over the opposite hand like a shawl.

No pleat dupatta– Unlike the regular shoulder pleat dupatta, this style is pinned in a seedha palla style but without any pleats. The dupatta is draped in a way that the maximum length is draped at the back, and this way it does not hide your lehnga at the front.

Drape it like a train– Remember those wedding gowns which have a long train at the back or on the sides. Well you can create a similar look with the velvet dupatta too.

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