What To and What Not To in this Fashion World

What To And What Not To In This Fashion World

Fashion is a humongous world, as a huge book with pages continuously adding on to it over time. It’s that one subject where everything evolves and evolves and evolves, appreciating and at the same time to practice the old and new ways. Dress, accessories, makeup, footwear etc. it caters to different areas of the body to enhance our outward appearance.
This is one of the core element when it comes to fashion. What you wear portrays what you see yourself as. When choosing dresses or any types of garments to wear, the most common thing we do is pick the one that looks good, well that’s natural, we are built to appreciate things that are beautiful but what we forget to notice are the small detail, especially in the fashion, not everything is for everybody. There are different factors considering before choosing a particular design or style.
• Your body type
• Complexion
• Occasion
• Comfort
• Trend
This is another core area, where people give attention but find a hard time to balance it out. Over-accessorizing can kill the look or under accessorizing can make them look dull and faded. This completely depends on the occasion, when choosing accessories, make sure they don’t outshine you, the main focus of the accessories is adding that extra touch to elevate you.
Accessories come from scrap materials to expensive gold, diamond etc. The confusion begins in understanding the right balance. If you are somebody who is aware of what suits you or clear on what you can carry, you can experiment with a lot of options on a daily bases. But if you are somebody who looks for a simple look that can be carried with all your clothing styles, the recommendation would be gold accessories, their durability is one main reason for choice and currents the latest gold designs, have evolved so much from the old gaudy designs to the contemporary. The contemporary gold jewelry made it easy to choose, giving us an innumerable option, from daily wear gold bangles, earrings, bracelets and neck chains etc.
The first thing that we notice in a person is footwear, it’s close to the first impression. A correct pair of footwear can complete the look adding many levels. When choosing footwear, the element that needs to be kept in consideration is your foot shape, the broad toes, long toes, broad foot etc. This understanding allows you to pick the right pair of footwear to make your foot look beautiful.
One of the trending and the most accessible and also at the same time not accessible element in the fashion world. Makeup is the delicate detail in completing the look. The fashion photos and magazines have upgraded the makeup trends to a great notch, with many layers to perfect the look. Before choosing any type of makeup the main things to consider are your skin type and climatic conditions. Skin type includes your color complexion, occasion, oily to normal skin etc. climatic conditions is an indirect element but it affects the makeup durability.
Dress, accessories, footwear makeup are the elements that complement one another to complete the look. So while choosing anything make sure to take suggestions from professionals.

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