What is the Best Age to Get Married?

What is the Best Age to Get Married?

Almost all the girls are dreaming about a beautiful wedding dress and even who are already married. The wedding day is one of the happiest one if you really love your future spouse and are sure in your choice. On the opposite site, boys don’t think about this day until the moment when they definitely fall in love. Only after that, they start dreaming about marriage not because of some fairy-tail dreams but due to some kind of possessiveness. Surely each rule has its own exception. Some people don’t want to get married at all or they just say so.

Who knows what is the best age to make such a serious step? When you are at your eighteenth people say that it is too early to think about marriage. When you become a little bit older, at least twenty-three years old, people start grumbling with questions like “Why don’t you get married?”, “You are old enough to get married, aren’t you?”, “Doesn’t anybody make you a proposal?”. People, stop! Are you kidding? You really think that between eighteen, twenty-three and thirty are so huge gap? First of all, every person knows better what he or she wants to do with the life. Nobody wants just an arranged marriage or to do that only because all the friends are getting married.

You need time to find and get to know a person with whom you decide to tie the knot. And where one should look for? You might not just ask, “Guys, sorry, where have you met your brides? I also want to. It is difficult to explain to people what you feel because they only hear what they want to hear and even come up with their own variant of the situation.

The truth is that best age for marriage doesn’t exist. It is only a question of the growing-up of the two people who are getting married.

People are growing up at a different age. There are people who are at their 21 very grown-up and people who are not at their 40. Obviously, the best age is when both of you are ready and want to marry each other. Age is nothing in the modern world. You just need to feel happy and be ready to work on your future relations.

You should marry at the age when you have a soulmate to live with and who is really trustworthy in this ever-changing world. When you have achieved your goals and set out some new. When you are financially and emotionally advanced. When you tired of your bachelor life and don’t want to be alone anymore. When you are ready to take up some responsibilities. When you want to have your own family with its own rules and future.

The main rule is that it is no matter how you do this or that, it is your life and you are able to do what you want. There is no a “right” way in its common sense, the world is changing every minute like an opinion of many people. If you feel that the person is yours – get married and be a good friend. You will not be younger than today.

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