#RahulBoseMoment gets bigger with different brands taking a troll on the current situation

A few days back when Rahul Bose shared a bill on Twitter, it seemed that he actually paid for having a meal at the five-star hotel in Chandigarh. But after looking at the details we were shocked to see that he actually paid 442 for just two bananas. That’s a crazy man… we buy two bananas for Rs 10/=, from the roadside thele wale bhaiya. Nevertheless, a case was filed against the hotel and they now have to pay a sum of 25000 as a fine for the same. Now other brands saw this situation as an opportunity to market their products and these trolls are awesomely creative…..

Western Railways made it a point to use this opportunity in promoting their tourist spots around the western zone of India. The add says that you can buy a sleeper class ticket in 445 and visit a historic place rather than buying bananas for 442. We couldn’t agree more….

Taj Santacruz, Mumbai said ‘We would be delighted to serve seasonal fresh whole fruits with our compliments…Ahh that’s a sigh of relief.

Nature’s basket too took a troll on the current situation by reminding the customers that their bananas come just for Rs 14 and not for 442.5.

#Rahulbosemovement, Nature's Basket advertisement on bananas
#Rahulbosemovement, Nature’s Basket advertisement on bananas

Mother Dairy saw this as an opportunity to market their flavored yogurt’s.

Reliance Smart says ‘ People maybe #GoingBananas over the cost of bananas, but the price of bananas at the Reliance SMART superstore will make you go ga ga. Visit today! #SMARTgiri #RahulBoseMoment

Oyo Rooms too took a dig on the prices of the bananas and shared, ‘Nobody told us that ₹442 was the cost of #bananas. All this while, we’ve been selling rooms at that cost #RahulBose

Zostel Hostel has many things to offer at the same price..

Ola says that customers won’t go bananas over their bills…

Policy Bazaar suggests ‘Financially secure the life of your loved ones with best term plans at the price of 2 bananas’

Pizza Hut India says , “Eat pizzas like a bose

Amazon Prime has a lot to offer in just 129 Rs

Dish TV India chose to promote their Maxi Sports Pack with this advertisement.

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